Fresh water peaches

Gluten Free Pizza Toast

Why I love this recipe!

Pizza Toast is perfect for when you need something on the table in less than 15 minutes.  It's easy to prepare, and you only need a few ingredients! Great for kids or adults!

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– 3 Slices Gluten-Free Bread – ½ Cup Tomato Sauce or Pizza Sauce – ¼ Cup Dairy Free Cheese – 3 Teaspoons Olive Oil – ½ Teaspoon Red Pepper Flakes – ½ Teaspoon Dried Oregano

Fresh water peaches 

Simple Ingredients

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Making the Pizza Toast

Add to each slice pizza sauce, dairy free cheese, oregano, and red pepper flakes.


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Air Frying

 Air fry at 375 degrees for 8-10 minutes or until cheese is melted.


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Then top each slice with a drizzle of olive oil and serve hot. Enjoy!


Helpful Tips

– To give your pizza toast a little upgrade, add two slices of tomato to each piece of bread. Air fry the tomato with cheese and finish with warm sauce and herbs. – For extra crispy toast, add bread without toppings to the air fryer for 2-3 minutes before adding the sauce and cheese. – Feel free to add your favorite pizza toppings! (Bacon, olives, peppers etc.)

Gluten Free  Pizza Toast


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